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17 Packing Tips to help you Move

17 Packing Tips to help you Move 

Moving to a neighborhood such as Orlando, FL can be so exciting, but it also comes with what follows such as packing, choosing the right neighborhood depending on your budget, taste, and place of work.

This article seeks to give useful parking tips to help you move with little or no stress at all.


First and foremost, preparation is the key to success in every life endeavor. Having a plan will ensure the efficiency of the whole task. The following should be done first.

  1. Use notebook and a pencil to write the list of items to be moved.
  2. The content of a box should be marked with a marker or labeled with a masking tape.
  3. Use paper rolls for fragile items.
  4. A gum tape for sealing boxes.
  5. Depending on your budget, if you are hiring a rental truck or enlisting the service of movers/agents, make your reservations in earnest. But in case you will be packing by yourself, help from friends or family members will ease work for you. Be sure to notify them early.
  6. Mail your change of address a week before your packing day.
  7. Disconnect and cancel newspaper subscriptions of the old address, electricity bill, water, phone, and utilities.
  8. Connect the above at the new address a week before you move in.
  9. Supervise the placement of cartons and furniture.
  10. Personal computers and electronics: Use original boxes as it will be the best fit for any item. Otherwise, use a pad to prevent it shaking while moving
  11. Personal and professional documents: Do not make the mistake of putting your documents. together with other books or materials. This should be handled by you to avoid loss or damage.
  12. Mattresses: Fold mattresses in two so as to minimize occupying space. In case of water beds, drain all the water before folding.
  13. Motorcycles: If moving motorcycles or cars on a van, remove all gas and disconnect batteries.
  14. Works of art, painting and wall pictures: If enlisting the service of an agent, inform him early enough of those items so as for him to provide special care. They can also be wrapped in individual boxes or blankets to cushion the effect of shocks.
  15. Lampshades: All lamps cords and lampshades should be deconstructed, bulbs removed and packed upright in boxes.
  16. Flammables: Flammables should not be by any means taking along because any change in temperature or puncture might lead to explosion.
  17. Curtains: Drapes and curtains should be folded and packed in clean cartons.

For food and other perishables, there is a law guiding the movement of perishable food items. The movement of perishable food items more than 150 miles in which 24 hours would not be enough to accomplish delivery is prohibited.

If at all the above is not trampled upon, items can be frozen to preserve their freshness.

Write a list of all items for easy identification and to ensure everything is intact. The following list will help.


After choosing the right neighborhood and making payment and all, it is now to time to pack your things.

Packing each and every item should be done in batches and labeled according to what is in a particular batch. For instance do not put clothes and books or electronics in the same box. Clothes would best be packed in suitcases while books in boxes. Kitchen utensils depending on how big they are can also be put into boxes. Electronics should not be packed into a tight box to avoid damage. And lastly, ensure you level each box, either by numbering or writing the name of the set inside. A picture taken with your smartphone would help a lot in keeping track of everything. When you have arrived your new house, be sure you call your family members and inform them of the safe transition.

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