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When are you relocating to Central Florida?

Moving Tips: 7 Steps to Help You Relocate to Orlando Florida

Moving Tips to help you with your move to Central Florida

moving tips to orlando
When are you relocating to Central Florida?

Many people flock to the Sunshine state each year in search of new job opportunities or a beautiful retirement get away.  However, moving is a large decision and it comes with some challenges.  If you are looking to relocate to Orlando Florida here are some helpful moving tips!

Choose a reliable moving company

Choosing a moving company is a big decision that will either make you move great or a nightmare.  Check around and always read peer reviews ,which will direct you with new tips you may need.  Sometimes it’s worth it to spend a little more on the moving company to ensure great service.  Many companies will offer the additional service of packing your home for you.  Depending on your budget this is a huge time saver.


Stay organized

As soon as the decision to move has been made, get started.  Pre-plan as much as possible.  Take care of any details such as address change, deposits, pet arrangements and new schools before you are in the middle of moving day.  All the detail can easily get overwhelming so keep these tips handy.  Remember to keep all your paperwork in a place that it won’t get lost or thrown away.

Purge your home

Clean out all your clutter.  Sell or donate unused items and this will make your move less stressful.

Wrap your furniture

Many people have had bad experiences with moving.  There is no denying furniture can endure some damage during the moving process. To avoid scratches and dings, wrap your furniture in blankets before loading it into the moving truck.  Another tip is to disassemble any furniture that you can.  If you don’t mind spending the extra money moving companies will bubble wrap your furniture for you to ensure there is no damage done.

Clear your Calendar

You might as well accept the fact that moving is a process and it will need your full attention until it is completed.   The distance you are moving is a good indicator of how much time you will need to take off.  If you are relocating for a new job, make sure you leave ample time in your schedule to get settled before diving into work.


You can’t do this all alone.  Ask friends and family to pitch in and help.  If you have hired movers to do the heavy lifting family and friends can help you with children, pets, and cleaning.  There are also other companies you can hire to pack your home for you and provide all the packing supplies.  You are sure to run into some challenges so have some people on standby that you can call in case of an emergency.


Make sure your valuables are properly insured before loading them into a moving truck.  Check with your individual insurance company to see what your coverage limit is and raise it if needed.  Also, ask the moving company you have hired what their liability coverage limits are.  Accidents happen, even with the best planning so make sure you are covered for any circumstance.

Moving can open up great opportunities, and can go smoothly if done right!

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