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5 Blogs That Will Help You With Your Move to Orlando, Florida

Are you wanting to move to Orlando, Florida? Are you looking for information about the Orlando and things you can enjoy as a resident? If, so look no further.

There are so many places in Central Florida to see and discover once you move to Orlando. Even as a current resident you might not have time to keep up with all the new developments and all the new places opening.  That is why I’ve put together a list of my favorite blogs that will give you exactly what you need to plan an exciting and memorable vacations before you move to Orlando.  These blogs focus about local theme parks, restaurants and entertainment.

            5 Blogs That Will Help You With Your Move to Orlando

#1: Visit Orlando

Are you looking to plan a vacation or a staycation? Visit Orlando will take you through the magical journey to help you decide where to stay and where to go for discounts.  Whether you’re in town or flying in, this blog will guide you on where to start and look into. This blog focuses on places to consider staying, things to do and provides discounts and tickets to the most desirable locations. 


#2: Florida Plunge

If you need some encouragement and willpower to take the plunge and move to Orlando, Florida them this is the blog for you. Sometimes all we need to hear are stories from others that relate to our own situations for us to make that move. Whether is a new change or a better life for the kids, we all need guidance and other people to help us through the process. These blogs will give you an overview of the theme parks, tell you what’s around Central Florida and where to look for a day or weekend trip outside of the local area.


#3: Bungalower

If you are looking into the Downtown communities near the Bungalower Districts and want to learn more about the Orlando neighborhoods (e.g. Audubon Park, Thornton Park, Church Street, College Park, Downtown of Orlando, Health Village, Ivanhoe Village, Mills 50 and Milk District) this is the perfect place to find out what to expect as a new resident.  You will uncover the latest news on businesses that are opening and closing. You will be informed about the current restaurants and entertainments and retails stores closest to the plaza or market place from your home.  When you plan a move to a brand new city, getting familiar with the difference districts is essential when it is time to make a decision where to settle.


#4: Orlando Fun and Foods

There is so much to do in Central Florida you must arrange and figure out what you want to see and explore for the next family trip.   Orlando Fun and Food blog will help you discover the hottest places to visit in Walt Disney World, Universal Studio and Sea World. Our lives our so hectic it’s time to stop and plan some excitement to liven up our normal daily routines. Orlando Fun and Foods will get you up to speed with the latest news and personal reviews on the most desirable attractions, restaurants and events.


#5: Orlando Magazine

The Orlando Magazine will keep you up to speed with what’s happening in the Orlando metro area and beyond.  You will find exclusive announcements on new restaurants in Orlando and tourist locations to keep you updated on where to dine next. If you’re a new resident or in the process of relocating you might be wondering how to find the best doctors, lawyer and vet for your pets. Orlando Magazine has a list of the finest professionals in Orlando that made the list for 2014. There is a PDF file you can download that will help you find the perfect match before moving to Central Florida.  As we all know when you move to a new home it’s time to personalize it and give it a little spin to make it feel just like home. The home and garden section will spark some ideas and tips to inspire you.


There you have the five blog that tell the truth about Central Florida and what to expect when you move down here. These blogs about Orlando Florida will help you catch up on the latest and trendy locations you need to look into for some family fun or night out with friends.  I hope they are as valuable to you as they have been for me. Take your time and learn about the city you want to make home.  Let us know! Please leave your comments below


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