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Lake Nona One of The Top Neighborhoods in Orlando

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Searching for the top neighborhoods –  If you are looking for the perfect neighborhood to move in with your family, a serene environment with all the facilities to enjoy and have quality for your money.

Lake Nona is unarguably the best fit! An oasis in between lakes, meadows, a naturally beautiful environment covered with pines, tall oak trees, and natural cypress trees.

The experience is so unique and excellent, a lifestyle with elegant country clubs, beautiful recreational, healthcare and educational facilities.

A developed yet up and coming neighborhood with families from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. When it comes to housing, however, an extensive range which includes but not limited to townhouses, low-budget homes and luxury homes.

Lake Nona was initially conceived as a golfing center; this suburb neighborhood now boasts one of the best facilities in education, health, and sports around the country.


In the area of education, it is home to the famous university of Central Florida while in healthcare now under development are the biotech research group, the science and technology center and University of Central Florida’s medical school.
To transportation, Lake Nona is, fortunately, close to Orlando International Airport giving one the opportunity to move in and out of the area with ease.

Lake Nona’s is no doubt one of the top neighborhoods of Orlando Thus, the high prestige. Sports facilities include the golf course, the ski lakes, tennis courts, basketball courts and some bike/jog tracks.

The adjoining lake; buck, red and the Nona will offer your family the opportunity for canoeing, watercraft, water ski and fishing among others.

Canvas Lake Nona

A neighborhood restaurant close to home and for the whole family to enjoy.
A neighborhood restaurant close to home and for the whole family to enjoy.


When it comes to restaurants, Lake Nona boasts of restaurants from the top notch to the budget friendly breakfast restaurants. One of those who was recently opened is the canvas restaurant; a restaurant with chef-driven cuisine focusing on fresh sea foods. It also offers a picturesque view of the waterfronts.

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