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We Can Help You Relocate and the Best Neighborhood in Orlando area.

Many people who want to relocate are clueless on where to start their search for a new place. Orlando Florida Relocator helps families with resources on local experts who handle rentals, home purchases and help you locate a job position. We inform you about   entertainment and activities in the right location for you to enjoy. We help you make moves.

I’m very excited you’re here because you are making changes and plans in order to make your goals reality.  We’re a lot alike, you and I.

I’ve move to Orlando, Fla., 17 years ago and I know the stress and how nerve-wracking it can make you feel.  Searching for job and a home in another state can be scary. Many move to Central Florida for various reasons. Whether it’s to be closer to family, a change of scenery or to seek new opportunities, we all have to take that first step.

Here are the problems:

The process can bring frustration and confusion while you are miles away looking over thousands of homes, prices and different areas to choose from.  If you ever asked yourself:

“How can I find the right home for all of my needs?”

“How can I find someone to guide me through and show me the way?”

“How can I trust someone to help me in the relocation process and help us make moves?”

You’re in the right place!

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The good news is that there is a better way to discover and learn what you need to know about relocating to Orlando. You do not have to make the same mistake thousands of residents have made during their move. You’ve made the right decision searching for information that will help you relocate.

 If you are struggling with limited resources to help with a successful relocation move to Central Florida and you desire more assistance, you are in the right place.

We know you want to find the perfect home to settle in and continue your busy schedule. Relocating can take up a lot of time and energy.

Spend less time searching online trying to find everything all at once. Our Blog and Podcast will take you through new residential developments, give you details on communities and entertainment as local experts throughout Central Florida providing you with the best information possible.


                                   ABOUT MADELINE YAU


Madeline Yau

I’m very passionate about Real Estate and helping families and investors find the right home within a desirable location.  I am not a REALTOR, but I have been in the field for 10 years in different aspects of the industry. I’ve worked with many customers in the process of relocating to Orlando for various reasons. Many are not familiar with Orlando, so I’ve been the “Go to Girl” on questions and suggestions about the best neighborhoods in Orlando areas. I provided valuable information and steered them in the right direction so they would feel comfortable and confident about their decision.

My mom and I moved from Rochester, New York and we didn’t have the resources to guide us through the process.  We’ve made many mistakes but those experiences have brought me here.

Today, I am an Internet Marketer Strategist who helps industries in the Real Estate and Health Practices with their online marketing. My #1 passion is Real Estate and I want to give my knowledge and experiences through Orlando Florida Re-locator community and help re-locators and new residents feel at home.

My goal is to help you find the best neighborhood in Orlando area for your family’s lifestyle. Explore more about the sunshine state and find tips, shortcuts and local experts who will help you with your journey to Central Florida. I have created this website for you to ask questions and learn the steps you need to take to move and make this city your next home.  If you have any questions, enter your name and email here and contact us.


So thank YOU! Thanks for being here and for giving me the opportunity to be a part of your relocation journey.

Learn everything you need to know about relocating to Central Florida.


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